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Students studying in university or college need to face various academic writing tasks such as essay, assignment, thesis, dissertation, etc. Writing such assignments they need to conduct good research work on the assignment topic. Your research method will decide the credibility of your assignment. There are various methods of research but the most widely used methods are qualitative and quantitative research. According to the Assignment Help, it defines the specific strategies that are involved in collecting and interpreting information. 


Types of Research Methods

According to the assignment helper, the main purpose of researching is to collect authentic information about any topic. 

Primary and secondary data

The primary data is collected for describing a research question. This method is used for sampling information. On the other hand, the information that has been already used by another person is termed secondary data.

Qualitative and quantitative data

The information collected from the qualitative method is non-statistical. It is directed by open communication. The quantitative data is based on a numeric form that is used to define a better mechanism for a topic.

Descriptive and experimental data

In the descriptive research method, the data is collected without any interference on any topic. In the experimental research method, the researcher intervenes in the process and finds the outcomes.

Research Methods Used In Quantitative Assignment

To comprehend the co-relation, frequency, and average we use the quantitative method. There are methods are available to collect the quantified data. Some of them are given below:


In the quantitative assignment, experimental research is conducted to collect information. It includes reasoning ability, word recall, and other variables. The data that is collected by experiments is most valuable in getting to know the readers’ reactions, product testing, and consumer choice for evaluating the price of the product. This method is helpful for comparing the findings of several groups.


In the method of survey, we collect the data of a large number of people. There are many types of surveys in which one of the most basic is where a group participates for a specific time duration. This is also called the “One Stop Survey”. There are various questionnaires are involved in the survey. These questionnaires can be open-ended as well as close-ended. The survey is the most preferred method as suggested by the assignment helper.

Research Methods Used In Qualitative Assignment

There are several methods are used in qualitative research. 


The most common method for research is the one-to-one interview. This method is mostly conversational as well as personal. In this method, one respondent at a time and it allows collect the data by interviewing the respondent. The interviews provide the opportunity to collect the data by judging someone with their mental level and body language. 


The observation method is generally used in the situation when you have received any qualitative assignment but you have don’t have any idea to collect the information. The validity of this method is low. The observation research method is used to observe the behavior of the people in any circumstances. The researcher only observes the related things without interacting with the person.

Case Study

The case study research method is used for finding in-depth information about an individual, group, business, and organization. This research method explains the characteristics, values, and more about the case.

How Could You Perform Research Work With The Help Of Assignment Helper?

When you are given assignment work by your professor you can do it yourself or with the help of an assignment helper. First, you should understand the basic keywords of the topic. After finding the keywords your research work will be quite easier. You can use the different textbooks, journals, newspapers, websites for researching the assignment topic. But, remembering the point only use the authentic source of information. The wrong information may badly affect your assignment and your marks.

If are not able to do it perfectly you can take assignment help from the professional Assignment Helper. They are experienced in finding authentic information for the content. The experience of the assignment helper will help you to submit a quality assignment. It also helps you to boost your marks.

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