Today the assignment writing is a vital part of the study for every student in their academic life. Assignment writing is not only to write the content of the related topic but presenting it properly is necessary for the student for achieving good marks. Hence, it is necessary to write the assignment with proper formatting and structuring.


The assignment which is written without structuring and formatting looks unattractive. It may affect your mark negatively. So, to score good marks in academics it is essential to make proper formatting to your assignments. If you are unable to do this, you can take Assignment Help from the professionals.

The professionals assignment help online ensures you provide the best content with a well-formatted structure to make your assignment look presentable before the teachers.

Now the next question comes to the student’s minds how can they make their assignment presentable? In order to, some tips are providing by the Assignment Help Online to make your assignment attractive and presentable.

  • Write a catchy title page

The title page is the key to your assignment, so it is necessary that it should be attractive. Create a catchy title that gives the information onthe assignment topic. To make an attractive title you can include the detail such as candidate name, registration number, course name, assignment title, etc.

  • Use the appropriate fonts

Appropriate use of fonts makes your assignment looks presentable. You can use the fonts like Ariel, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc. Always use black text which size should be between 11 to 12. This is the ideal size of the font for the body of your assignment.

  • Perfect spacing between lines and paragraphs

The fonts look more attractive if the spacing between the texts will be appropriate. You can use the 1 to 1.5 spacing between the lines. You should use the left alignment and maintain a blank line between each paragraph. It is advisable to use the nest page if your answer is too long and the current page has not the sufficient space. 

  • Use heading and subheading

The heading is the best way to showcase a particular idea about the content. It makes the attractive and readable for both the reader and writer. Give the proper heading and subheading indicates the writer what information should be provided in the specific segment. It helps the readers to understand the intention of the thought.

  • Explain with relevant examples

It is the best way to express your ideas with supporting examples. It helps the reader to understand the topic. It shows that you have done thorough research on the topic which gives value to your assignment.  

  • Use visual elements

The sometime reader feel bore with the assignment but if you use some visual elements such as images, chart, graph, table, diagram, etc. it makes your assignment attractive. It helps the reader to memorize the topic very long time.

  • Don't make overwriting the sentences

It is the most important point of the assignment. Sometimes students write the same sentences to maintain the specific word count. It is the wrong method because it may badly affect your assignment and your grade. So don’t overwrite the content. 

  • Give proper referencing

Use the proper format of referencing according to the university guidelines. It shows gratitude to the sources which you are used in your assignment. 

  • Use headers and footers

In headers or footers, you can use the page number, roll number, or your name, etc. It helps the reader to search out any page from your entire assignment

  • Use bullets and numbering

Use the proper bullets and numbering in your assignment.It makes your assignment more attractive and presentable.

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